Instant Passive Profits Review- My Recommendation, Stay away from it!

Instant Passive Profits Review – it’s misleading and is NOT at all what it claims to be. Instant Passive Profits is about PAYING for ads on ppv (spywware) networks. Basically, you use the software to launch multiple bids on campaigns for keywords. When somebody with an infected computer does a search for that phrase or that website, it pulls up the page YOU bid for and payed for instead. So first of all, you’re SUPPORTING people that are infecting people’s pc’s with adware/spyware and effing them up, 2nd of all – it’s going to cost you hundreds if not THOUSANDS to advertise with these types of sites and find a niche that converts well. Honestly, there IS money to be made once you find a profitable niche, BUT i don’t feel right about paying money to the a-holes that infect hundreds of thousands of PC’s worldwide. At any rate, I do recommend you check out one or both of the following programs IM With Jamie – Try it for $1.00 here: Income Entourage – Try it ALSO for $1.00 here: BONUS: FREE Traffic Course from me: How I get 3000+ visitors per WEEK for FREE: These are both LEGIT products put out by the same guy, Jamie Lewis, I know Jamie (just online) and he’s an honest guy that CARES about helping people make money online, personally – I think he gets off on it – lol. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with either of those, so check em out!

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