Insignia Tackles COVID-19 Challenges Head On

Leading Minnesota brand and retail marketer, Insignia Systems, rebranded at a complex time in in-store marketing. With the rise of COVID-19, businesses were forced to become flexible practically overnight. But in a time when some places might feel more disconnected, Insignia leaned into this new way of working and thrived. 
“Before COVID-19 hit, a client meeting might be scheduled a month in advance, with lots of preparation. Nowadays, it’s common for us to set up a five-minute Zoom call. These short meetings have increased connectivity, allowing for spontaneous ideas to flourish,” says Insignia’s President and CEO, Kristine Glancy. 
A key element of Insignia’s rebrand: their renewed commitment to relationships. Quite a feat to overcome anytime, but especially challenging during this work-from-home era. Insignia dug in, utilizing creative ways to establish authentic connections with clients.
“As we’ve shifted into virtual communication, we’ve added an emotional charge to help clients get excited about the work that’s being done remotely,” Insignia’s Chief Growth Officer, Adam May, commented. “This pivot from pragmatic to emotional has actually fostered deeper connections. In a lot of ways, our relationships right now are stronger than ever.” 
Instead of relying on traditional checklists and in-person meetings, a brand new way of working has helped Insignia solidify themselves as agile marketing allies, ready to meet clients where they are. Pivoting into this new way of communicating allows Insignia’s creativity to flourish, producing strong relationships and impressive results. 
Rising up to a challenge. That’s what Insignia is all about. 
For over 30 years, Insignia Systems has been an innovative marketing ally here in the Twin Cities. Their commitment to flexibility and creative solutions showcases why they’re the ideal partner for retailers and CPG brands looking to expand their in-store and online marketing. Check out their powerful new look at
Adam May, Chief Growth Officer
Insignia Systems
Source: Insignia Systems