[Infographics]: Newest Data Reveals Top 8 Indoor Tracking Applications for the Cabling Industry

Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, today released an infographic summarizing the best ROI-driving use cases for indoor tracking within the cabling industry.
Cabling industry companies are operating with large volumes of metals at enormous costs, therefore, every way possible to improve their operations and increase their efficiency can result in immense savings. This new infographic produced by Sewio is based on real-life data taken from dozens of digitalization projects, revealing that one of the most effective ways to achieve this cost reduction is through the use of indoor tracking. Each use case is supported by the real results generated after project implementation.
The top eight use cases achievable with the use of a single indoor-tracking solution are:
“We are excited to see how real-time location systems are transforming the cabling industry,” said Milan Šimek, Co-founder and CEO of Sewio. “As the industry becomes more real-time data-driven, companies are looking for ways to gain a competitive edge, and RTLS-based indoor tracking is proving to be an effective tool for achieving this.”
To see the infographics, please visit: https://www.sewio.net/infographics-top-8-ways-the-cabling-industry-benefits-from-uwb-rtls
Source: Sewio