Inflation Causes Less Uncertainty When Businesses Can Adapt to Rising Costs

Valley Business Centre – Bookkeeping & Payroll proudly offers services to local business owners that evaluates their current cashflow information to ensure maximum support for present and future economic challenges. As prices rise with inflation, small- and medium-sized companies can control costs by outsourcing their bookkeeping and payroll functions.
“Outsourcing is more than a way to save money in today’s economic climate,” said Sorin Silivestru, President of Valley Business Centre – Bookkeeping & Payroll. “It allows each company to explore sending several peripheral operations offsite to gain access to expertise that might not be available internally.”
One of the easiest ways to implement cost-saving measures for small- and medium-sized businesses in an inflationary economic climate is to look for more efficiencies. When accounting and bookkeeping processes can be streamlined or automated, less time and expense are spent on these essential workflows.
Instead of investing in advanced technologies, such as cloud computing and software resources, today’s businesses can partner with a third-party provider like Valley Business Centre – Bookkeeping & Payroll to create these benefits and survive inflation.
“Local owners do not have access to the vast financial resources that today’s biggest corporations,” said Silivestru. “This issue creates vulnerabilities when considering inflationary effects, even at the local level. Rising pricing and supply chain issues can dramatically increase the cost of doing business, so every opportunity to create new efficiencies is another chance to maximize cashflow.”
Outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll does more than offer immediate access to expertise and time-saving benefits. It provides a path toward scalability for small- and medium-sized businesses that are in a position to consider growth. The extent of corporate activities can move upward or be scaled back as needed without hiring more people or requiring layoffs.
“Through Valley Business Centre – Bookkeeping & Payroll, we provide the critical services that business owners need when they’re needed,” said Silivestru. “Local companies aren’t usually in a place where they can hire experts in each field or teams for each operational area. Outsourcing delivers access to this resource when it is needed, ensuring that the rates reflect the time demands compared to an outright hire.”
Since third-party providers focus on their specialties, they solve problems with fewer setbacks or delays. “At Valley Business Centre – Bookkeeping & Payroll, we follow all the latest trends to ensure the industry’s best practices are followed,” said Silivestru. “This approach ensures that each business can beat inflation by improving cashflow through overhead reduction and significant efficiency improvements.”
Valley Business Centre – Bookkeeping & Payroll delivers over 30 years of local accounting expertise, proudly offering inflation-defeating advice for clients in metro Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Surrey, many other parts of B.C. and across Canada. For further information, call (604) 938-8095 or email
Source: Valley Business Centre – Bookkeeping & Payroll