iNextrix Launched 14 Days Free Trial of iCallify

iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd has announced the launch of a free trial of its intelligent call center software, namely, iCallify. The trial version will be available to all customers and prospective customers that are interested in testing the power of this intelligent call center software. This free trial will be of 14 days. The company also announced that the free trial will be given without taking any credit card or payment details from the customer and prospective customers.

This software is built to empower businesses with a powerful call center solution built using predictive technology and smart algorithms. It is one of the most competitive software available in the industry. It is renowned for offering empowered and seamless communication to different industry verticals.

The company has been introducing different programs to make this intelligent call center software available to all scaled and types of businesses. One of the most appreciated decisions of the company taken in the past was to provide this solution with the option of paying fees in the quarterly and monthly installments. Now, the company has come up with a 14 day free trial program.

As per the shared details, the users of the 14 days free trial will get access to the whole solution with all the features for multiple seats. The users will get an opportunity to test the whole solution and its competitiveness absolutely risk free.

“We have built this call center solution to empower businesses. Our focus is to benefit maximum businesses with the abundant capabilities of iCallify. That is why we keep on making the business model flexible for this software so more and more businesses can get benefited from it. The introduction of this free trial is part of this objective only”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

He further added, “There are many businesses that want to use this solution as it seems powerful and competitive to them. However, they are skeptical because of many cases in the industry, in which, the product does not withhold the claims it makes. To remove this roadblock, we have launched this risk free trial of iCallify. The trial users do not need to worry about getting the card swiped at the end of the trial period. We do not force anyone to use it as we know people, themselves, will love to use iCallify as it is one of the best call center software at this time.”

About iCallify
It is a proprietary call center software developed and managed by iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This software has all traditional and advanced features to help call centers to run different campaigns, Moreover, it has some exceptional features and functionalities to offer. Within very little time, this intelligent call center software has won many hearts. Moreover, the flexible and client-centric nature of the company is bagging more popularity for this call center solution. There are several users that use iCallify across the globe. The risk free trial announcement will attract even more businesses. To know more about this intelligent call center software, please visit