iNextrix Announced to Offer Predictive Dialer for Sales Campaigns

iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as iNextrix, announced to offer predictive dialer, which is part of its intelligent call center software. This predictive dialer is announced to offer to the companies that are interested in intensifying their sales campaigns.

“Traditional ways of generating sales such as door to door knocking, email marketing, etc. are not that effective in sales generation. Similar to many other departments of businesses, it also needs advancements. Predictive dialing can be a great tool here to empower companies and to aid them to increase sales”, shared the spokesperson of the company.
According to the shared details, the predictive dialer is one of the advanced auto dialers incorporated in the intelligent call center software of the company. This auto dialer can predict the following:

• When the next agent will be available to take the call?
• How many numbers need to be dialed to connect to a human?
• When is the best time to call a lead?
• What is the probability of the lead of picking up the call?

All these intelligent characteristics of predictive dialer make it the most advanced auto dialer. The company announced that it will offer predictive dialing as a major feature in its intelligent call center solution to benefit businesses to be intelligent with their sales campaigns.

As per the shared details, this predictive dialer has the intelligence of identifying:
• IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
• Answering machine
• Voicemail
• Human

It means it distinguishes automated tools from humans answering the call. This feature of predictive dialer ensures that agents do not waste time on taking calls, which are connected to answering machine, voicemail, or some other automated tool. Moreover, it automatically dials multiple numbers to ensure that enough calls are connected to ensure all agents have the next call as soon as they finish an ongoing call.

The spokesperson of the company announced a list of features specific to predictive dialer. The list is as below:

• Import leads
• Lead group creation
• Predictive dialing
• Call routing to a suitable agent once connected to a lead
• Pop up call script
• Pop up lead detailed fetched from CRM solution, if the intelligent call center software is integrated with the CRM solution
• Show call controls to the agent to handle a call more professionally
• Play music on hold, if the call is put on hold
• Let agent fills in disposition and other details at the end of the call
• Call logs for future reference in the software
As per the shared details, the predictive dialer of iNextrix is the most powerful auto dialer, which significantly increases sales.

About iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is an Indian IT company, which has been catering to clients since 2010. The company offers various trending services and innovative solutions such as a video conferencing solution, intelligent call center software, etc. To know more about predictive dialer offered by the company as one of the features of iCallify, visit