iNextrix Announced to Offer Call Accounting Solution to Global Customers

iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., more popularly known as, iNextrix Technologies is one of the best IT companies. The company has been receiving a lot of appreciation from its customers because of its best in the industry services and innovative solutions. Recently, the company has announced to offer a feature rich call accounting solution. The stated call accounting system is a general purpose telecommunication solution and it can be used by any company or organization.

The call accounting solution provides an intuitive tool to track all different types of call coming in or going out, including, missed calls and internal calls. The calls can be marked as personal and business calls with an automated algorithm integrated within the call accounting solution. This helps businesses to identify various things, including, but not limited to:

• Actual productive hours on the phone
• Fair usage of telecommunication infrastructure
• Fraud calls
• Suspicious calls
• Personal calls
• And more

The spokesperson of iNextrix Technologies continued sharing information about the stated Call accounting solution for the business. According to the shared details, this solution can be used within any other telecommunication solution such as, IP PBX solution, call center solution, etc. Moreover, it can also be used as an independent system. The spokesperson of the company also shared a list of key features available in the stated call accounting solution which is as follows:

• Phone book
• Contact management
• Management of different types of calls
• Facility to change the call type for authorized users such as, managers, supervisors, etc.
• Management of internal extensions
• Management of the PIN
• Management of the permissions
• Budget allocation to the branch of the company
• Budget allocation to the department of the company
• Budget allocation per user
• Support for multiple branches with a centralized system
• Support for different currencies
• Support for different time zones
• Alerts
• Notifications
• Automated call price allocation to compare it with the allotted budget
• Automated billing
• Call detail logs for inbound calls, outbound calls, internal calls and missed calls
• Reports
• And many more

As per the shared details, the company offers two different models for the prospective customers who are interested in using this call accounting solution

1. Onetime fee to buy the solution
An organization can buy this call accounting solution with white labeling. With this model, by paying a fixed cost for one time, the call accounting software can be owned.
2. Monthly subscription
The company also offers call accounting services. One can subscribe to the SaaS model offered by the company to use their call accounting services at affordable rates.

About iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Since 2011, the company has been catering its customers all across the world with its customer centric approach. The company offers solutions and services in VoIP, web and mobile app industry. The call accounting solution is one of the systems offered by the company. To know more about the call accounting solution, please visit