iNextrix Announced the Company Will Work Remotely

iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company. The company has been in the limelight because of its intelligent call center software, namely, iCallify. The company has also announced to exhibit this call center solution at one of the leading European expos, namely, Call and Contact Centre Expo 2020. However, due to the increasing spread of Coronavirus and COVID 19, the expo got postponed. Furthermore, cases of COVID 19 are increasing rapidly in India. Thus, the government of India is taking precautionary steps to restrict the spread of Coronavirus. One of the steps taken by the Indian government is lockdown and curfew in highly affected cities and states. By following the government laws and by keeping the safety of team members and other citizens, cofounders of iNextrix have announced the shutdown of the company.

As per the shared details, this shutdown will be in effect for an uncertain period and the cofounders of the company will make further announcements as decisions will be taken. The company has enforced clean and clear policies to assure the best performance and productivity of the team even when they work remotely.

The company has set up its own software to support the “Remote Work” environment which will be used by all the employees of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Below is a brief of the software which is developed by the company and will be in use in upcoming days to deal with this situation:

1. iCallify
It is an intelligent call center software developed by the company. The company has set it up to let its team take advantage of seamless communication. This call center solution supports PSTN lines as well, so some calls will be diverted to the mobile phones of the employees. The company will also take advantage of the Ring Group feature to make sure all calls are attended. Furthermore, the company has integrated Facebook and WhatsApp so all messages can be addressed within a stipulated time. The company will also use this intelligent call center software to handle support and sales requests.

2. PC dialer
It is a white label SIP Softphone built for computers. The company has given this Softphone to all employees so they can have voice calls and chat as and when needed. This Softphone will be used for internal team communication as well as for client communication in certain cases.

“We have set up the infrastructure. The situation is complex and unpredictable. We do not want our customers to get suffer. Thus, we have taken all the required steps to assure that the team gets all the required tools and support to work well. We are using our own tools as they are good enough to handle the situation. We are positive that soon everything will be under control, but till then, we have to handle the situation”, shared spokesperson of the company.

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