iNextrix Announced iCallify Is Perfect to Run Remote Call Center

iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as iNextrix, is one of the leading IT companies. The company has been offering one of the most advanced call center solutions known as iCallify. It is an intelligent call center software. There are many businesses belong to different industry verticals that use it to run their call center and customer care center operations. Recently, the spokesperson of the company has announced that this call center software is perfect to run a remote call center.

As per the shared details, it has an amazing range of features to support different inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. Being an intelligent call center software, it has advanced features that help call centers to gain a competitive edge. This solution can be installed on the on-premises server as well as on the cloud. Furthermore, the secure access of this call center solution is possible by accessing it from a web app made available by the company.

All features of iCallify can be accessed from home by the agents to attend calls and let campaigns run normally. In fact, all agents residing at different locations can work on a single campaign and attend calls from that campaign without any hiccups. All they need is a system to access the software via a web app as well as a stable internet connection to attend calls.

This intelligent call center software also has some features which can be used to let agents work from home, even if there is no internet connection or availability of a computer system or laptop. By using one of the features of iCallify, calls can be diverted to the mobile phone of the agent, and agents can attend calls without using a computer or internet.

iCallify also provides omnichannel communication and some interesting features to empower the remote call centers. The spokesperson of the company briefed about some major features which are as below:

• Voice broadcasting and SMS broadcasting to send notifications, updates, etc. to all customers or leads without putting human agents in the picture.
• WhatsApp messaging to let customers get support via WhatsApp.
• Facebook messaging to let agents give support via Facebook.
• Soundboard Avatars to provide more professional responses.
• Survey to run a survey and collect feedback and comments from audiences

The team of VoIP engineers of the company provides all required services to implement the remote work model for call centers. The team also provides services to migrate to the cloud from an on-premises system. iNextrix provides all required services to assist customers to move to the remote work model with ease.

About iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd
It is an IT company based in India. The company is renowned for its innovative products such as mobile SIP dialer, PC dialer, intelligent call center software, etc. The company is also popular for its wearable app development and AR application development services. iCallify is a perfect solution for call centers that want to run on-premises or remote call centers. To know more about this intelligent call center software, please visit