Inext Solutions introduces the Barista Bot. A bean-to-cup coffee machine that’ll make drinkers ask ‘where ya bean all my life?’

Inext Solutions Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of their unique product yet: The Barista Bot. The highly performing, fully automatic smart coffee machine makes up to 16 drinks using delicious ground coffee, fresh milk, purified warm water all with the touch of a button. It has been designed to be environmentally friendly and technologically attuned.
Launched via Kickstarter, the bot is quickly making it into homes all over the U.S., creating exceptionally convenient coffee experiences for all.
Sound too perfect?
Well, there was a time when coffee drinkers thought this to be impossible. Word has it, that a coffee addict stole Aladdin’s magic lamp and made a specific wish.
The fella addicted to a good ol’ cup of Joe asked for one coffee machine that could do it all. And by all, he meant:
The genie laughingly said, “Don’t waste a wish on THAT. Get a Barista Bot.”
But beyond the fables, it’s the truth. The Barista Bot is an automatic coffee-making machine that goes beyond expectations.
It’s a fridge, water filter, temperature moderator, intelligent robot and personalized coffee maker that saves user’s time, money and peace of mind.
16 types of coffee at the touch of a button in a pre-heated mug, with freshly ground beans, filtered water mixed together for the perfect hot trickle of coffee. Perfect when early risers feel braindead or forget their usual orders.
It’s the answer to every focus group ever created on what people expect from a coffee machine.
It’s a bot. One that won’t intimidate people or take over the world.
It will, however, take over users’ senses, their favorite coffee shops and baristas.
The Barista Bot is best friends with Alexa, Google Home and smartphones, with a scan of a QR code, users can connect.
Now, consumers can be lazy, meticulous, picky, technological or functional.
It’s a machine that coffee drinkers know that a Myer-Briggs, horoscope, Mother-in-law and childhood best friend can all agree is absolutely right for them.
So, coffee addicts can bid goodbye to their favorite coffee shop, and use those expensive coffee capsules as some kind of décor at home. They won’t be needing them anymore.
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