Indy Connects Freelancers, Consultants, Contractors, and Side-Hustlers to Commission-Free Job Opportunities

Indy announces the launch of its commission-free job matching service. The platform allows freelancers to find projects that fit their talents while retaining their independence and owning their client relationships. Indy’s job service is included in their monthly membership cost, and has no added fees or commission.
The launch of Indy Profiles is the first step in transforming the platform into a community hub for independent professionals in all fields. By adding a commission-free job sourcing service, currently in beta, Indy disrupts the model set by big freelance marketplaces. For years, these marketplaces have charged freelancers fees up to 20% of income earned through their service and prohibited freelancers from contacting their clients outside the platform. This model creates a cohort of dependent gig-workers beholden to the marketplace and the clients served by the companies that control it. Indy is committed to advocating for independent workers by never charging a commission or locking them into a costly platform.
“Independent workers are the future of work. We are constantly inspired and amazed by the freelance workers who use our services. At Indy, our goal is to allow freelancers to earn, and keep, as much money and freedom as possible,” Sebastian Gyr, CEO and founder of Indy.
Today’s announcement addresses the needs of freelancers as well as those hiring them. Freelance work has grown enormously in recent years; as many as 65 million Americans did some form of freelancing in 2020. Companies hiring freelance talent have more choices than ever before, and for freelancers, the opportunities are boundless. Indy is connecting these companies with freelance workers to promote the development of a truly independent economy with no rent-seeking or exploitation.
About Indy
Indy is a new brand name for the productivity suite of tools previously known as Tispr. It is a startup providing productivity tools, news, information, and a robust platform for freelancers to promote themselves. The Indy productivity suite takes the most time-consuming parts of operating an independent business and streamlines them. The Independent Worker, Indy’s new blog, showcases in-depth learning opportunities, quick tips and tricks, and the latest news and information affecting independent professionals. Indy is a platform for freelancers — “indies” — to manage their independent business through the use of powerful marketing, workflow, payment tools, the latest information and news, learning resources, and commission-free networking and job opportunities.
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