Industry Experts Predict These Interior Design Colour Trends Will Explode in 2023

As the year comes to a close, interior designers and decorators wait with bated breath to hear experts’ forecasts for next year’s trends. Leading interior design company FURNISHD. shares their opinions on which colours can be expected to have their day in the sun in 2023.
Bold, vibrant reds and oranges will have a major resurgence in the coming year, expects FURNISHD. Of course, bright tones are not a new nor revolutionary trend in the design space; however, the vibrant hues have typically erred on the cooler side of the spectrum – think blues, greens and even purples. Now, decorators and designers can expect to see more warm colours like red, orange and yellow crop up. These colours can be paired with neutral accents for a pared-back look or set against contrasting colours to zhush up a space.
Many leading interior design firms say the industry can also anticipate designers redefining what a ‘neutral’ tone really is. FURNISHD. explains that pale colours such as baby blue, pale yellow and blush-beige will be framed as neutral tones this coming year, set against bolder, darker shades. Of course, traditionalists will still see many of their favourite classics like brown ochre and warm whites, but those looking to spruce up their space in a fun, modern way can opt for a more unique take on a neutral tone.
FURNISHD. advises that standout jewel tones such as aubergine and burnt orange will make a comeback in 2023 alongside earthy, saturated hues like amber and warm yellow. The interior design consultant says these shades create a dramatic, yet cosy effect and can be paired with a wide range of design styles for a stunning impact.
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