Indiana Hospice Educates On Finding Peace When Coping With Grief & Loss

Harbor Light Hospice, an Indiana hospice, recently shared a blog educating readers on finding peace when coping with grief and loss. According to health treatment center The Recovery Village, roughly 2.5 million people in the United States die every year, and each deceased person leaves on average five grieving people behind.

The post begins by listing and describing the symptoms of grief and depression, which include alterations to regular sleeping or eating habits, confusion, fatigue, and difficulty breathing or focusing on daily activities. It emphasizes the importance of speaking to a therapist or other type of counselor to help make sense of one’s complex emotions.

The blog also notes that many people who experience loss can tend to lose faith (in the spiritual sense). It then goes on to provide tips for managing grief and loss, like visiting a psychologist, speaking with other family members and friends, and finding a new hobby (like running, sketching, or dancing) to distract you from your grief and anxiety. Sometimes, relatives who have previously suffered a major loss can help those who have lost someone for the first time understand what the healing process should look like. In cases involving parents who are dealing with loss, spending quality time with children can also be a great way to cope. If young children have also suffered a major loss, it is important to speak to them in simple terms and to let them also talk at length and ask questions.

Ultimately, the post notes that both suicidal thoughts and any changes to daily routines are both more than justifiable reasons to seek help when grappling with grief and loss.

Harbor Light Hospice is headquartered in Winfield, Illinois but serves three different areas in Indiana: Indianapolis, Merrillville/Crown Point and Mishawaka/South Bend. Harbor’s extensive team of highly-trained medical professionals – which includes physicians, registered nurses and therapists – is dedicated to helping relatives of end-of-life care recipients (those with six months or less to live) find peace in difficult situations. Their professionals are there to provide 24/7 support to all patients’ family members, whether it’s in the form of respite to primary caregivers, counseling or bereavement services (including group therapy and art therapy) at no additional cost. Call Harbor Light Hospice today at (630) 682-3871 or contact them online at for more information about their services. Their Indianapolis office is located at Cedar Green Office Park, 7164 Graham Rd, Suite 150, Indianapolis, Illinois 46250.