Indian Art Ideas Announces the Theme of Their Online Art Exhibition ‘Summer Sale’

Indian Art Ideas is one of the most reputed online art galleries in the country. As a part of their monthly exhibition regime, the prestigious gallery presents a unique collection of artworks each month which revolves around a unique theme. As for this month, they have recently announced the beginning of their periodic exhibition which displays the creative brilliance of the talented artists who are connected to the portal with the theme “Summer Sale”. As the name suggests, this time the gallery is showcasing the works of art that are being highly discounted by it or are already available at an affordable price.

As the summers are almost here, the gallery presumed that most of its visitors must be planning to change the interiors of their spaces all over again. However, there might be some roadblocks coming in the way of their acquisition of paintings. There might be some budgetary issues or the dearth of time, whatever the reason may be, the gallery urges you to toss all of them away. That is why they have picked beautiful original paintings at the price of prints. Now, because summer is the perfect time rekindle the joy of home decoration, the site urges you to look at their offerings this time and buy the one they feel most resonated with.

“The summer season is full of warmth. That is why we thought of giving paintings at a discounted rate so that each art lover can buy a painting that can help them in making the ambiance of their space more cooling and soothing. Hence, in this monthly online exhibition, all the paintings are for, under or around 5000 INR. We are continuously taking steps to help every art lover reach the artist they love the work of, regardless of the issue that’s stopping them from investing in art. This exhibition is surely a good news for those who want to buy exquisite works of art within a limited price range.” said Shilpi Agarwal, Founder of Indian Art Ideas.

This time the monthly exhibition displays 71 magnificent artworks. Some of them are ‘Ganesha’, ‘Cow-head’, ‘Old Architecture’, ‘Golden Light’, and ‘Reflection 2’. The exhibition stays live on the website from April 01, 2018 to May 01, 2018. For more details, please visit-

About Indian Art Ideas
Indian Art Ideas is one of India’s leading online art galleries. The site provides a platform to bring sellers and buyers together. It exhibits and offers an unparalleled collection of paintings, drawings, sketches, sculpture, prints and photographs by emerging and established Indian artists for sale at affordable prices. With services like Art for Décor, Personalized Art and Art Advisory at offer, Indian Art Ideas is a one-stop destination for all your needs concerning affordable artwork.