Indellient Launches Managed IT Solutions Team and Application Upgrades to Optimize the AWS Cloud Experience

Today, Indellient, a leader in providing cloud, data and document process automation services, announced the formation of their Managed IT Solutions team to provide organizations the ongoing support they need to get the most out of their AWS solutions. This new team combines application support, DevOps, project managment and data analytics, providing the wide range of technical skills needed to ensure their clients’ cloud applications, data and AI solutions achieve their full potential in the AWS environment. The MITS team provides an alternative to in-house support, allowing IT resources to focus on other high-value activities.
“Indellient has been providing ongoing support on an as-needed for increasingly sophisticated cloud and hybrid-cloud applications for several years for our clients,” said VP of Data Services and Operations Chris Venantius. “We have seen the explosion of interest in AWS, and new services added to the incredible range already available. Organizations of all sizes and industries will need a wide range of skilled resources to keep their ever-expanding cloud investment running and relevant, while keeping a close eye on costs. Our Managed IT Solutions team allows customers to set a fixed monthly budget, get the skills and help needed at that time, but also have that support evolve with their unique situation.”
Drawing on years of long-term support experience, Indellient has developed a program that customizes industry best practices and standardized procedures to address the specific needs of the client and their applications and infrastructure. The team can also draw on Indellient’s project teams to provide deep-dive technical expertise as needed:
The combination of a dedicated support team with access to a wide range of data and development skills makes the Indellient Managed IT Solutions team a great way for companies to ensure their AWS investment pays off.
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Source: Indellient Inc.