{Inclusive Income} Can I Use it to get leads for any business?


www.FreeCashFlowSystem.com I was talking with a Inclusive Income prospect, and they ask me if inclusive income could be used to promote another program. They idea had not crossed my mind, but come to think of it yes you could use Inclusive Income system to promote and build any MLM, affiliate program etc.. you wanted. Now to say that inclusive income is a downline building system or generic sponsoring system may be comparing apples and oranges in relation to programs such as MLM Leads System Pro, Magnetic Sponsoring and other funded proposal type systems. But the one thing that Inclusive Income does have in common with the above mentioned Lead Generating system is {lead capture}. Let’s look at the process of how prospect becomes a paid Inclusive Income member. 1. They land on one of your Inclusive Income Lead Capture Pages. These Inclusive Income capture pages are clearly for those looking to make money online, in other words there is no mistaken what the Inclusive Income system is all about. 2. When a visitor opts in, they fill in their Name, Email, Phone Number. Now grant it, you will get some bogus inputs, but there will be plenty of leads who’s information is correct. 3. The lead is taken to video explaining how and what Inclusive Income is, but at the same time the lead is now in your Inclusive Income back office. 4. The Inclusive Income system will follow up with your lead automatically promoting Inclusive Income. 5. You can introduce your Inclusive Income leads and

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