In-Space Computing Alliance Formed to Transform the Speed and Security of Data Transfer

Vaya Space, C8 Secure, Orbits Edge, and Space Prep today announced the formation of the In-Space Computing Alliance (ISCA) to provide affordable and secure data processing capabilities at the edge of space. The ISCA will transform the ability of technology and data users to securely transmit information through space in a fraction of the time versus current methodologies.
“Current communication and data transfer infrastructure has significant bandwidth and latency issues. Without the ISCA and our innovation solutions, commercialization, and ultimately the colonization, of space is unlikely. By leveraging the strengths of our partnership, data transmission requirements can be reduced from days to minutes,” stated Rick Ward, CTO of Orbits Edge.
Vaya Space, the green rocket company and emerging leader in small satellite launch, joined with C8 Secure a Continent 8, the cybersecurity arm of major data center company Orbits Edge, the space computing company, and Space Prep to form the alliance, with each party providing a unique and complementary capability culminating in faster, lower cost and more secure data transfer for end users across a plethora of industries.
The ISCA reduces the need to transmit large volumes of data from space to ground or to other in-space systems for processing. The capability can also be leveraged to increase the operational mobility of remotely controlled surface vehicles and spacecraft. The alliance will be able to provide support to a wide variety of missions, enabling critical computing utility and information delivery capacity through an orbital data infrastructure.
“The spaceborne computing platform must be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week for cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, all while overcoming the limitations of the communication bandwidth. C8 Secure, A Continent 8 Company, is prepared to provide this security solution worldwide. Our technology reduces the transmission requirements and can make spaceborne computer networks feasible,” said C8 Secure Managing Partner Patrick Gardner.
“This alliance creates a new secure and low-cost capability for data users worldwide, and Vaya Space is proud to be part of the effort to transform the path to space. This holistic approach, through the combined efforts of each partner in the alliance, results in an affordable, reliable, and secure solution, which will change the way that we use data in everyday life,” stated Vaya Space CEO Brent Willis.
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