In Force Technology Launches Crowdfunding on Start Engine

Boston-based software company In Force Technology, Inc. announces its crowdfunding efforts on Start Engine to raise capital to support its project IN FORCE911, a mobile panic button designed to save lives.
Not a typical SaaS business, IN FORCE911’s capability is to connect a facility such as a school directly to the local police department in as little as four seconds during an emergency like a school shooting. Not only does IN FORCE911 directly connect schools to police agencies, but it will notify police in-car computer systems, local dispatch/communications centers, and cell phones of officers – both on-duty and off-duty.
IN FORCE911 has garnered over 10,000 individual users and 500 customer sites across the country and is seeking to expand its presence.
“Here at In Force Technology, we’re about schools – and protecting the well-being of those who have dedicated their lives to enriching the future of our youth and providing children a safe place to learn,” states Brandon Flanagan, President and CEO, In Force Technology. “Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to reduce law enforcement response time to an active school shooting. We do that by enabling our users such as teachers and school staff to send an alert directly to local police in as little as four seconds – bypassing the technologically challenged 9-1-1 system. As a father, I think our children at least deserve that type of a security blanket.”
Traditionally placed 9-1-1 calls can take an average of five minutes up to now eight minutes (due to COVID-19) to be routed from the centralized public safety answering point (PSAP) to the closest responding agency, lengthening the time for first responders to get on scene. The second underlying problem at-risk facilities face is the inability to effectively communicate with each other from inside the same building and to collectively provide specific details of an active threat to law enforcement, causing additional time delays and leading to confusion when law enforcement arrives.
Once an IN FORCE911’s notification is received, users are joined into a two-way, real-time chat where details of the event are shared, reducing the communication gap commonly found with crisis situations. School staff has access to emergency protocol information and a live connection with first responders to streamline their response and reunification measures. Law enforcement has direct and immediate access to floor plans, site and room maps and photos as well as a detailed description of the assailant and status of the event. IN FORCE911 was designed for flexibility and ease of use. This technology can be used on any platform (Windows, Mac, Apple or Android) and with any device (cell phone, tablet, computer for staff, and for first responders on their in-vehicle computers, cell phones and at the dispatch consoles). IN FORCE911, protecting what matters when seconds matter most.
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