iMyFone Upgrades AnyTo Location Changer to Add Brand-New Gaming Mode for Android Devices

iMyFone, a top-ranked software brand that takes pride in offering the most efficient solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices, has proudly announced the major upgrade to AnyTo Location Changer for Windows. With this update, AnyTo will include a special gaming mode for Android devices. Now, users can spoof their GPS location in any location-based game on Android devices — and that too with just a few clicks. Thanks to the launch of its latest version (4.1.0), it’s never been easier to find and move to a fake location in real-time using its improvised and even more intuitive interface.
Being the best-selling product of iMyFone, AnyTo has always been the go-to tool for users looking to change their location on both iOS and Android devices. While there’s no shortage of mock location apps on the internet, AnyTo sets itself apart through its super-quick speed, ease of use, and high customizability. No wonder it’s tagged as a one-stop solution to stimulate GPS movement on any device, anytime. In just a few seconds, it will make your phone appear at a different place in real-time, making it virtually impossible for someone to track your original location.
“AnyTo’s been popular with customers (especially gamers) since its launch last year. This product only supported iOS devices at first, and then we received a lot of suggestions asking if we could add support for Android devices. After one year of hard development, we’re now happy to show you the latest version. For customers who are already using AnyTo, they just need to upgrade directly to change the GPS location of the Android phone without spending extra money,” said Ms. Sara Chan, the Marketing Manager of iMyFone.
New features of iMyFone AnyTo v4.1.0
Gaming Mode. Added a brand-new “Gaming Mode” for all Android devices. This mode is compatible with almost all location-based games, but it will mainly be used for Pokémon Go spoofing — the most popular Augmented Reality game.
Multi-Spot Mode. Allows users to stimulate a journey between two points, having multiple stops in between — called “Multi-Stop Routing.” What’s more, users can also save their favorite multi-spot routes to redeploy them quickly and easily for future use. The saved routes also include all the saved time, spot numbers, and labels that you named.
Realistic Mode. Provides the advanced “Realistic Mode” feature of varying the marching speed in real-time. Apart from teleporting to any desired locations on the world map, you can increase or decrease by 30% of the selected speed range.
Advanced Loop Mode. For users who don’t want to customize the moving route every time, they can use the “Loop Mode” to repeat the same route from start to end automatically. Plus, you can choose the “Return Mode,” which automatically customizes your route from Start to Finish and then Return to the Start Location and repeat this route.
Source: iMyFone