Importance of Music in the Reopening of Hotels

Rightsify, the global music licensing and royalty collection agency based in Pasadena, California, has today published a report regarding the importance of music in the reopening of the hotel industry.
As the world slowly reopens after a challenging year of COVID-19, businesses find new ways on how they can bounce back. There are some fascinating insights in this report on how hotel guests’ perception and behavior are influenced by environmental cues such as music. 
The key sections of the report are: 
1. Thinking fast and slow
2. A state of mind
3. Music and biorhythms
4. Make your brand heard
Rightsify explains how guests are hugely influenced and affected by the smallest of environmental cues without being consciously aware of it. Playing slow and relaxing music in hotels can be of major value as it slows down the heart rate of the listener and helps put them at ease. 
The report can be downloaded for free and is useful for professionals in the hospitality, retail or food and beverage industries to get a better understanding of how music benefits their business. 
For more information on the report, please contact Rightsify. 
Rightsify Group LLC
Source: Rightsify