Imperial County SUV, Truck Accident Kills Over a Dozen People, Attorney Gordon Levinson Calls Accident a Local Tragedy

A Ford Expedition SUV slammed into a semi-truck hauling gravel on a rural road approximately 10 miles north of the U.S. – Mexico border. At the time of the collision, the semi-truck was heading north on state road 115 and the SUV was heading west on Norrish Road.
While the details are not yet clear, it appears the SUV may not have stopped at the stop sign and drove out in front of the truck, resulting in a collision. The accident happened in Imperial County, California and the estimated death toll is over a dozen people, with several others hospitalized. The injured ranged in age from 16 years old to 55 years old. The dead were between 20 and 55 years old.
According to the police at the scene of the horrific accident, there were an estimated 25 occupants in the Ford Expedition SUV and that 13 died, including the driver. The Ford Expedition’s passenger capacity is up to eight people. Numerous SUV passengers had been ejected from the vehicle, while a number of others were found dead inside the vehicle.
“When a tragedy like this happens, the victims are worried about who is going to pay the hospital bills, lost wages, funeral and burial expenses. They want to know how to pay the bills and what they need to do to move forward,” said Gordon R. Levinson, Esq. Founder of the Levinson Law Group, a truck accident attorney with offices in San Diego and Carlsbad, California.
“A crash like this one means the victims need immediate medical care and straight answers to questions like: ‘What’s going to happen at work?’ ‘Will insurance pay for my medical treatments?’ and ‘How long is this going to take?'” added Levinson.
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