Immuware Offers Immunization Tracking Software For ARPA-Funded FQHCs

Immuware, a renowned software company that provides immunization tracking software for healthcare, government, school systems, and energy companies, is offering an innovative and efficient solution regarding a new government funding initiative. 
According to the team at Immuware, the Biden Administration is investing over $6 billion from the American Rescue Plan Act Fund into federally qualified health centers across the nation. The ARPA initiative will be used to expand COVID-19 vaccinations, treatments, and testing for, especially vulnerable populations, and will primarily be focusing on increasing the operational capacity of health centers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Immuware’s expertise in effective vaccine management allows them to offer a clear-cut and efficient solution for the ARPA initiative. Immuware, their user-friendly employee health system (EHS) and occupational health system, helps organizations to achieve compliance 40% faster, reduce administrative time by an average of two hours per year, per employee, and drastically reduce the risk of HIPAA and OSHA penalties.
The award-winning system can help all health centers keep track of immunizations, screenings and surveillance, injuries, illnesses, and certifications and licensures. It also allows organizations to automate employee and occupational health compliance with:
With a customer-centric approach that allows for customization, this healthcare compliance tracking software consists of intuitive, easy-to-use features that make compliance quick, easy, accurate, and secure.
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About Immuware 
On a mission to make communities better, stronger and healthier every day, Immuware’s client base consists of healthcare, government, school systems, and energy companies. Their customers rely on their highly configurable, securely hosted software, which is designed to draw reports and help their organizations track vaccinations, online employment, and more. 
Source: Immuware