Immigration Map is the Simplest, Fastest Path to a Green Card

During the coronavirus pandemic, everyone felt helpless. There was no basic information regarding safety and security, no clear rules to follow, and significant uncertainty about the future. But as successful New York City immigration attorneys, Min Chan and Sumaiya Khalique also know that immigrants feel that same helplessness every day. That’s why they created Immigration Map (IM), a simple way for immigrants and employers to navigate the dense bureaucracy that is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). IM assists and empowers its members to navigate the complex immigration process with confidence.
IM knows where its members want to go and how to get them there.
IM’s founders are both immigrants, and children of Asian immigrants, who remember their own parents being frightened of a system they didn’t understand. While moving to America remains a powerful draw for many seeking legal and economic stability, one false move and immigrants can lose everything. “The best advice we can give immigrants is to carefully analyze, build and complete your visa or Green Card application before you file with USCIS,” says Min Chan. And IM can help.
Analyze, Build, and Complete an Immigration Petition
IM takes an individual from start to finish and turns their American Dream into reality. The three-step Analyze, Build, and Complete process is as simple as ABC. Immigrants can analyze their situation, build their case, and then complete and submit their petition to USCIS confidently.
IM Puts Immigrants in the Driver’s Seat
How does it work? One hears from friends that they need an H-1B Visa…maybe. They visit and read user-friendly articles such as “6 Reasons to Apply for an L-1 Visa over an H1-Visa if You Are Eligible for Both” or even “When You Must File an Amended H-1B Visa Petition Due to Changes in Work Site Locations and Travel.” Based on this, they decide they need the L-1 Visa, so they open the checklist section for a list of critical documents to answer easy to understand questions.  IM is the guide to simplify the immigration journey for its members.
IM’s Experience, Transparency, and Efficiency
How is IM different from LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer? With 30 years of combined experience, two attorneys provide more than downloadable forms members can struggle through; IM gives its members complete control over their immigration journey.  IM is transparent with its services, where its information comes from, and what it offers in the monthly subscription and its legal help with attorneys. The DIY technology and three-step Analyze, Build, and Complete process with IM will clearly outline what its members need, what its member should prepare for, and what its members never even considered.
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