“I’m a paper pusher”

Rose and Chris converse during a lunch break during work. Chris is unhappy with his job position and Rose has worked on a home based business to secure her future, in case her job ever failed her. She shares her business information with Chris and encourages him to give it a try. View the video then answer these questions below. Then connect with us or go to our website to find out how you too can secure your future with a home based business! Questions to Answer: 1. “If you could work from home, what is the ideal work from home dream that you can imagine?” 2. “Do you think that working from home is realistic or unrealistic and why?” 3. “What do you love to do?” 4. “What would you do to go against the grain, if you were given the opportunity to build that dream home based business?” Post your answers below and then email us to receive your FREE business essentials kit to get you started on the path to starting, building or enhancing your business. or go to: www.employmentfromhome.ws Thank you for your interest!

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