IlFornino New York Launches the New Line of Dual Fuel Pizza Ovens – Gas and Wood

Chris Salman, CEO of ilFornino New York, announced a new line of dual-fuel, gas- and wood-fired ovens in a choice of natural gas and/or wood or propane gas and/or wood. This new capability has been applied to the high-quality pizza ovens – ilFornino® Napolicento series, ilFornino® Grande G, and the ilFornino® Elite Chef’s Edition, available in several configurations.
The choice of fuel offered by these ovens will allow experiencing optimal results from one’s application. Natural Gas is typically used in a commercial setting, such as a restaurant, pizzeria, or coffee shop. For those who have external gas hookups, Natural Gas can be used in the backyard or inside the home. The Propane Gas and/or Wood is an option ideal for backyards or mobile pizza catering. 
With the ilFornino Gas Ovens, there’s a choice of running the oven on just gas, wood, and gas and wood alone. These ovens also incorporate a commercial jet gas burner that is UL Listed for safety and longevity. The burners provide an ample amount of evenly distributed heat to cook pizza in a few short minutes. The thick insulating refractories used in these ovens will allow them to heat in as little time as 25-30 minutes and retain the heat for an extended time period. 
The Napolicento oven is one of ilFornino’s exemplary commercial pizza ovens, proudly made in Modena, Italy. The Grande G-Series serves a dual purpose by being the most feasible option for commercial and residential use. These ovens stand at an ideal height of 48″, weigh 550 LBS, and have been built using 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
IlFornino also offers Commercial Grade Accessories (Professional Light Series Pizza Peels, Turning Peel, Aluminum Pizza Trays, Kraft Pizza Boxes, Brush with Scraper, 304 Stainless Steel FireGuard) which can be added to the order. An ilFoShield™ protective coating is recommended on the ovens for those who live near a lake, ocean, or in an extremely humid area. Before adding the product to the cart, one can opt for these inclusions.
Soon, ilFornino will release the Elite Chef’s Edition – Gas Fired Pizza Oven. This product will be an improved version with thicker materials used in the dome and the base support of the oven.
For more information, contact ilFornino on (877) 302-6660 or visit our website
Source: ilFornino New York