Igiko Software provides key enhancements in the Igiko Management Tools release 2.0

Igiko Software, the developer of Igiko Management Tools – the leading software package for remote access, management, and monitoring of physical and virtual machines within a permission-based security model, is announcing the release of version 2.0. This release provides key enhancements to the product requested by our customers.

“After being on the market for more than a year and receiving such great feedback, it is a great pleasure to ship version 2.0,” remarked Paul Koppel, IGIKO CTO. “This major new release firmly demonstrates IGIKO’s commitment to continual development and innovation. We look forward to seeing these new version 2.0 capabilities at work.”

Features and benefits of Igiko Management Tools v2.0 include:

-Remote File Transfer allows you to exchange files between your machine and a remote computer with no limits. You can download, upload, copy, and move files between folders, rename, or delete them.

-E-mail alerts promptly inform you about any performance issues on your machines. You can specify threshold levels for CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network performance counters. As soon as the workload exceeds the configured parameters, you will get an email with details.

-Custom Groups. In version 2.0, you can easily create a custom user group and configure object permissions for it. Once you add a new user to this group, all group permissions automatically apply to the user.

-Authentication Mode allows you to use custom users and custom authentication instead of using Windows domain Active Directory infrastructure. This feature does not require a Windows domain, users are stored in the Igiko database. You can create, delete, and edit users for Igiko independently of the Active Directory. This option can be useful for MSP’s and hosting companies.

-Web Tunnel allowing secured access to a remote computer with no static IP/DNS required and providing a seamless connection through network routers with no need to configure them. 

Igiko Management tools 2.0 is available for immediate download from https://www.igiko.com/en/Download

About Igiko
Founded by some of the foremost server virtualization experts in the industry, Igiko offers one of the world’s best RMM solutions on the market. With its sophisticated features, such as physical and virtual machine monitoring, Windows server and Hyper-V management, embedded remote desktop gateway, web tunnel, and user access control, organizations increase manageability, without the costs and complexity typically associated with competitive solutions.

Igiko Software is always working for results. If you have something to say to us, please feel free to contact us via +372 6026502 (GMT +3; from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.) or e-mail to sofia.stewart@igiko.com