If you have information that other people want, you can probably make money online

One of my regulars at the gas station told me that he wasn’t making enough money. He’s an older guy so I asked him what his plan was for the future. After pausing, he said, “Die before I need money?” I felt for him so I started talking about the potential of making money online with internet marketing. He then went on to say that his son has written an ebook (it sounded legit) but he didn’t know how to make money from it. So, I told him all about how people market things like that online. He could possibly be sitting on a great opportunity and he doesn’t even know it. I’m in a job that doesn’t make much money either – and I plan to escape the rat-race through leveraging the power of the internet. Come watch me do it here: www.facebook.com Subscribe to my channel here: www.youtube.com

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