IDLife, LLC CEO Josh Paine Continues to Build a Dream Team

IDLife, LLC CEO Josh Paine has appointed Robert White as the new Chief Financial Officer, and Justin Sparks will transition to the company’s Chief Financial Analyst. 
“A company’s ability to grow vertically is determined by its willingness to invest in its foundations and leadership. We are thrilled to welcome Robert White to our IDLife family. His proven leadership, relationships and core values make him the perfect fit for where we are headed as a company. Additionally, allowing Justin Sparks to focus on financial modeling, predictive analytics and machine learning allows IDLife to better serve our growing base of Associates and Customers and give them the information and tools that they need to excel in this rapidly changing marketplace,” said Paine. 
As Chief Financial Officer, White will lead the company’s financial activities including accounting, controllership, tax, treasury, investor relationships, and more. 
About Robert White
Robert White is a well-appointed Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience. Before joining IDLife, White has held various professional accounting positions and has 10 years of experience in the social selling industry. “I couldn’t be more excited to join the team at IDLife and support a legacy of great products and great people,” said White. 
Forward Progress
IDLife founder and owner Logan Stout is proud of the decision to bring White to the team and believes this is just another sign of the exciting future ahead. “I’m proud of Josh and the team. It’s incredible to have attracted this caliber of individuals working together to advance the company’s mission. This addition just further brightens the company’s future for growth, impact and momentum,” said Stout. 
IDLife continues its massive growth plan in 2023. Paine’s vision to create a connected, robust community of people committed to healthy living is moving full steam ahead. The Company is excited to help thousands more people do life better!
Source: IDLife, LLC