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Businesses are under intense pressure to market themselves effectively while still providing a great product or service. It can be a challenge to manage both simultaneously with limited budgets or staffing. Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour is laser-focused on delivering clients actionable leads through creative, data-driven PR campaigns and media outreach.
Guided Tour customers include businesses of all sizes encompassing a wide array of industries including high technology, healthcare, finance, business services (B2B), nutrition and wellness, and non-profit organizations. Businesses in nearly any industry can benefit from the collective experience, industry expertise, and best practices implemented by each account team.
“We work with our clients to determine if they’re an ideal fit for the program,” says Charlie Terenzio, VP of Earned Media Advantage Business at Newswire. “Our success is tied directly to theirs, so it’s pivotal to our strategy that our account teams are agile and are able to identify opportunities unique to each industry, as well as opportunities that businesses in any industry can capitalize on.”
In 2021, the typical Go to Market (GTM) strategy has evolved beyond what most business leaders have come to know. The success of media and marketing initiatives can be clearly defined and determined thanks to data and analytics, and key performance indicators help organizations to justify their media spend. The same data also helps businesses better target their campaigns and provide a clearer picture as to who their ideal customer is.
The boom in ecommerce as a result of COVID-19 has created a need for more organizations to focus on pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) to build new leads and stay competitive; for many, this was and still remains uncharted territory. The Guided Tour is a key resource for those organizations that are looking for some extra help marketing their brand in this new digital landscape.
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