Ideal Opportunities for Work from Home Moms

Job placements for work from home moms seem to be growing popular these days. With the number of benefits you can get by working from home, the high demand should not come as a surprise to you anymore. Some of the benefits you can get involve around saving time and money such as:
•    Being able to spend more time with your kids.
•    Eliminate or reducing the cost of buying business or professional work clothes.
•    Cutting down the time you spend commuting or driving through traffic.
•    Reducing maintenance and vehicle-operating costs.
There are actually non-monetary and financial factors involved when people decide to leave their present office jobs just to work from home. Moms are especially attracted to the fact that even if they are working at home; they are there for their children whatever happens. The security this brings outweighs all other benefits of home based jobs.
One great example of a work from home option is being a so-called “mystery shopper”. When you think about it, getting paid to shop is a dream come true for most women. The best thing about this job is that it offers flexible hours. The downside is – there is a tendency to become underpaid.
What you need to know about the “mystery shopping” job is the fact that applying directly to the companies is a big mistake and a waste of time. They will never entertain your applications. They will just stack it up together with bunches of applications from “newbies” who are eager to shop.
These companies actually outsource their assignments to the middlemen of the industry known as the “schedulers”. This means, you need to send your application to the schedulers and not to the company itself.

Another great idea for work from home moms is by joining the greeting card industry. What you can do is to compile your best materials and to mail these to card companies. You can also ask for their submission requirements.
When writing greeting cards, you need to be creative. You need to research on various markets. You also need to:
•    Focus on the “me-to-you” voice. This means, it should be interactive and unique. It should also be salable and appropriate for the occasion or person.
•    Work with images like E-cards or electronic postcards. In this sense, image quality, composition, scan quality, subject appropriateness and gut appeal are very important factors to consider.
•    Think of the greeting card industry as a living industry. This is where you can hone your artistic talent and writing skills. Newbies can start their careers in this industry by sending their work to small and mid-size companies. Though you can dream big and send your work to American Greetings and Hallmark, it is best to start with realistic goals.
•    Unrhymed greeting cards sell better than rhymed cards. Whether you prefer to rhyme or not to rhyme, just make sure your cards are original.
Writing greeting cards is almost similar to conventional writing. You also work with an editor; you are also given a deadline, assignments and a contract. Most moms find it time-friendly and profitable.
When you come to a point where you are unable to decide if you will stay in your office job or from home, moms would always choose the latter. Why? The time they can spend with the kids outweigh the benefits they can get from their present jobs. To land in the most suitable home based job, consider a job that pokes your interest and hones your expertise or talent.

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