Hyve Dynamics Sensor Solutions Detect Coronavirus Symptoms

London, United Kingdom – Hyve Dynamics is responding to the request by governments and organisations to help create solutions and tools focused on containing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Hyve’s sensor technology typically provides solutions for industries such as motorsport, gaming, aerospace and automotive. However, Hyve’s sensor technology also allows for the proactive identification of many of the symptoms related to coronavirus, including respiratory rate, temperature and heart rate anomalies among others. These types of sensors are proving critical to both the testing and the treatment process.

The ability to test for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) before the onset of symptoms would allow for an optimal earlier detection of the illness in at-risk population groups. Coronovarius is both highly contagious and asymptomatic for long periods, and the limited ability to proactively test populations on sufficiently massive scales requires other solutions to help contain this pandemic. As Founder and Head of Research, Dr Juan Sebastian Conde explains: “During these times of uncertainty, we realise the importance of having access to real-time health data that could lead to successful actions in a pandemic situation”.

Our sensory skin technology allows individuals and organisations to proactively track breathing, body temperature, heart rate anomalies and other vital parameters. The ability to proactively alert and monitor in near real-time conditions (with wireless delivery and remote monitoring capabilities) when individuals start to exhibit symptoms will be critical for containing Coronavirus or any other severe, contagious pandemics.

In a proactive manner, companies could monitor if staff members are exhibiting symptoms, schools could know if students are feeling unwell, and individuals could be alerted if they need to self isolate because their health or breathing abnormalities have been clearly and quickly identified. Healthcare workers are in particular ideal subjects for this technology, as they are both at the highest risk of infection and also after the most vulnerable patients with COVID-19.

This type of proactive, real-time acquisition of critical health data is absolutely vital to save lives and contain pandemics: events which both stimulate mass panic and can utterly overwhelm emergency services. As Hyve Dynamics CEO, Cecilia Harvey, explains, “The coronavirus situation will forever change the way we work and live. The global impact and response validates that need for technology solutions that can proactively give individuals, governments and organisations the data necessary to strategically and proactively react in crisis situations. We are eager to work with organisations to contribute towards addressing this pandemic”.

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