Hydra Vita Plus Announces Joint Venture with 212 Equity Partners

Coral Gables, FL – Hydra Vita Plus, a leading manufacturer and supplier in beauty industry, has successfully embarked on a joint venture with 212 Equity Partners in order to facilitate the growth of their hydra dermabrbassion facial equipment and products throughout major cities in the US.

Over the last 3 months this Joint Venture has seen more than 60 new locations successfully launch in Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach counties in FL with 30 new locations set to launch in New York City and Los Angeles in January 2020 and a target to launch 1000+ locations throughout major metropolitan US areas in 2020.

“Although we are in the initial stages of development through this JV we have exceeded the revenue and growth expectations we expected and will continue to do so throughout the New Year” said Stephanie Lanzafamme CEO of Hydra Vita Plus.

“Our goal at 212 Equity Partners is to hit our growth targets through a partnership opportunity and have our IPO prepared to hit Wall Street in early 2021” from David Marcus COO of 212 Equity Partners.

If you are a location owner in the beauty or healthcare fields and would like information on a revenue share opportunity with Hydra Vita Plus equipment and supplies please contact 305 714-2203.

About Hydra Vita Plus: The Company was founded in Italy in 2006 with a proprietary method for hydra dermabrassion facials. This led to the creation of a 6 in 1 machine that provides hydra, dermabrassion, light therapy, oxygen therapy, micro needling and product delivery for professionals in the facial industry. They also offer a line of skincare products to help with anti aging, fine line repair, complexion toner and moisturizer and acne treatment and prevention.

About 212 Equity Partners:
Founded in 2009 with offices in New York, NY and Coral Gables, FL the firm is a “family office” specializing in the acquisition and growth of opportunities. Achieving several successes in US and European Real Estate development the firm branched out into healthcare in 2012 creating several successful partnerships in the Dental, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Regenerative fields.