Hy Stor Energy in Support of Bipartisan Infrastructure Initiative

Hy Stor Energy LP (Hy Stor Energy), a company pioneering renewable hydrogen production and energy storage at scale in Mississippi, writes to express their strong support for the bipartisan Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative recently reintroduced before Congress by Senators Chris Coons (D-DE) and John Cornyn (R-TX). 
Recently passed legislation, including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, are providing critical support for the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub and other hydrogen hubs and related projects under development across the country. However, there remains much more work to be done to ensure the success of the hydrogen economy and to achieve the ambitious carbon-reduction goals the country has set. The Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative will help fill in some of these missing pieces by supporting the commercial-scale use of hydrogen in critical sectors such as heavy industry (e.g., steel, cement, glass, and chemicals), shipping and port-related activities, and trucking operations.
“Hy Stor Energy is proud of its commitment to produce zero-carbon, zero-methane at scale at our Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub, and we have the deep expertise and resources necessary to champion decarbonization for the hardest to abate industrial sectors,” said Laura Luce, CEO and General Partner at Hy Stor Energy. “Hy Stor Energy stands ready to meet the growing need for energy security and the clean energy economy, both across the U.S. and abroad.”
The Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative will also help develop the infrastructure needed to transport and store hydrogen. One of the exciting elements of hydrogen as a potential fuel and energy source is that hydrogen developers and suppliers may be able to rely on some of the existing infrastructure used to support gas and oil operations. However, there remains a significant need for new and/or retrofitted infrastructure to meet the needs of the hydrogen economy, and the proposed legislation would help push these efforts forward. 
“Our goal in Mississippi is to enable the current industries in the region to decarbonize and to attract new industries that are seeking firm zero-carbon energy to co-locate with Hy Stor Energy,” said Claire Behar, Chief Commercial Officer at Hy Stor Energy. “We are building a circular green hydrogen ecosystem with co-location opportunities for new green manufacturing and creating an economic transformation in logistics, industry, and communities.”
Hy Stor Energy has made significant progress in achieving its vision of building a comprehensive hydrogen economy centered in the State of Mississippi that will deliver green hydrogen to power the transition to clean energy and the decarbonization of industries such as transportation, agri-nutrients, aviation, industrial heating, power generation and steelmaking in the Gulf Coast region. 
Due to the role that green hydrogen and scalable hydrogen production will play, not only in price stability for hydrogen but for energy security nationally, The Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub project has the support of local and state officials, community groups, suppliers, and potential customers, and Hy Stor Energy is poised to bring the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub online in the next few years. 
Passage of the Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative would provide an important boost to the project’s ongoing development, as well as broader efforts in the marketplace to create a clean hydrogen economy. For these reasons, Hy Stor Energy urges leaders across both parties to support the bipartisan work of Senators Coons and Cornyn and to pass the Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative into law. 
Source: Hy Stor Energy LP