HumanTouch Issued Patent for Immediate Response Information Technology Kiosk

HumanTouch announced that it was issued a patent for its Connect2IT! Kiosk by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Patent No. 11,526,862 B2, titled, “Interactive Information Technology Kiosk”), strengthening HumanTouch’s intellectual property position.
Currently deployed in federal agencies and campuses, the HumanTouch Connect2IT! Kiosk is the right solution for IT and CX teams to leverage an innovative approach to deliver exceptional service.  
“The Connect2IT! Kiosk is a unique service offering to Federal Agencies and vendors, providing Customer Experience (CX) service to agencies,” said HumanTouch Senior Vice President Kelly Morrison. “The IT Kiosk improves CX and delivers users a personal ‘touch’ resolving device issues with an IT professional at their convenience.”
Connect2IT! Kiosk bridges the gap between people and technology:
CEO Moe Jafari said, “As we continue to focus on humanizing technology, the Connect2IT! Kiosk delivers Best-in-Class CX that aligns agency service offerings to the President’s Management Agenda and Executive Order 14058 goals. With each customer, we find new ways to use the kiosk to efficiently deliver mission outcomes and put time back into our clients’ day.”
Contact HumanTouch to optimize IT support within your organization, from Connect2IT! Kiosk, to Cross-functional Automated Resolution Technology, Incident Management, and other proven solutions.  
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Source: HumanTouch