Hudson River Plane Crash Pilot: “…did we make the best choices?” – US Airway Flight 1549 –

Captain Sullenberger said: “People…want good news; they want to feel hopeful again.” Thats the best part about this story; it had a good ending that made you feel hopeful in the goodness of the American people, that we are still what we used to be, a good people and country. Captain Sullenberger says he will not deny that he is a hero, because he does not want to take away from what people are feeling; he is not going to diminish their good will by saying that they are wrong: he will not rain on their parade. I would bet that he does not consider himself a hero. Im sure that he thinks he was only doing his job, and I would agree with him. But what a job he did, if only the rest of us would do our jobs as well, think of the world that we would be living in. jbranstetter04 Hudson River crash recordings reveal calm of Captain Sullenberger His quick thinking under pressure has already been hailed across the world. Now transcripts of the final communication from the aircraft that crashed on the Hudson reveal how its pilot calmly radioed air traffic controllers that he was planning to land in the river next to Manhattan. The audio recordings from the stricken jet, released yesterday, reveal that air traffic control met the news with disbelief. Were going to be in the Hudson, Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger told the tower in a deadpan voice. Im sorry, say again, an air traffic controller responded. There was no answer from the aircraft. Captain Sullenbergers splash landing

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