HSG Publishes White Paper on Medical Staff Development Planning

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed actions to address the health equity gap, along with its efforts to update Medicare payment rates for hospital outpatient and Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) services, is a signal that hospitals need to examine their medical staff development strategy. National healthcare consulting firm HSG has published a white paper, “Medical Staff Development Planning: Improving Access, Building Provider Capabilities, and Facilitating Growth,” to assist organizations with their strategy. In particular, hospitals and healthcare organizations must have a plan to respond to the growing trend of moving care delivery to the outpatient and ambulatory setting.
The medical staff development planning process is central to implementing a successful provider strategy within a health system. Healthcare leaders must comprehensively identify the incremental provider recruitment and alignment opportunities that will ensure the health system can meet the community’s needs and eliminate gaps in provider resources.
“Health Systems that are focusing on limited assessments of community need and then piecing their recruitment strategies together in a responsive fashion are setting themselves up for failure,” said Travis Ansel, Managing Partner at HSG. “If healthcare organizations want to drive strategic growth, then barriers that prevent easy access to the right provider, in the right location at the right time must be addressed proactively.”
HSG’s white paper outlines what the consulting firm considers best practice for building a health system’s medical staff development plan. In today’s environment, relying purely on evaluations of community needs and piecing together a decentralized recruitment strategy will result in a disconnect between the strategic needs of a health system and its ability to execute through its provider workforce.
For more information or assistance with medical staff development planning, contact the team at HSG. The white paper is now available for download on the healthcare consulting firm’s website, HSGadvisors.com/thought-leadership.
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Media Contact: Karolyn Raphael
Source: HSG