HOW Water: Making Their Splash as the Future of Bottled Water. Big Mission. Tiny Footprint.

Recently launched HOW Water ( is the first bottled water company to launch exclusively in Houston. HOW (Hyperpure Oxygenated Water) has a unique approach to bottled water through their patented system that replicates the best water nature ever created without exploiting the earth’s most pristine water sources. Responsibly (and locally) sourced and sustainably packaged in plastic-free 100% aluminum right here in Texas. They have a big mission with a tiny footprint.
“It’s exciting to launch the first-ever water brand that started in the Bayou City,” Founder, CEO, and proud Houstonian Robert Peebler says. “I am looking forward to reaching the Houston community whom we can positively impact by bringing them the healthiest bottled water while protecting the environment. I can’t think of a better place to launch than Houston, where people love new ideas and groundbreaking businesses. I hope that Houstonians will see it the same way.”
Their product is for the consumer searching for one of the best-tasting waters in the world, with a smooth, silky taste and impurity free. With the company’s focus on sustainability, the bottles are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum and sourced from local Texas water versus the exploitation of earth’s most precious freshwater resources (unlike most other bottled water).
“We want our consumers to understand that by drinking HOW Water, they can reduce plastic pollution in our landfills, oceans, and bayous (where much of single-source plastic water bottles end up) and eliminate ingesting microplastics into their own bodies.”
Plastic pollution has become a household topic, but the dangers of microplastics have only recently been recognized as a long-term health threat and potentially even more dangerous for children. HOW chose the more expensive path of bottling in aluminum versus plastic in the belief that, although it’s more costly, it’s the right choice for both the environment and its customers.
HOW Water is bottled by Eventide Waters in Mineral Wells, TX. HOW’s licensed patented technology has been uniquely installed to convert normal municipal water into the water nature intended. 
About HOW Water: 
Hyperpure Oxygenated Water (HOW) is an oxygenated water brand whose proprietary process begins with stripping out the impurities in water to the nano level until it reaches a state of hyperpurity. Utilizing a patented system that enriches the water with oxygen and the perfect number of electrolytes to achieve optimal taste, HOW is bottled in infinitely recyclable aluminum for better bottled water that is good for both the consumer and the environment.
Source: HOW Water