How ‘Virtual’ Beer Pong Can Help Friends Stay Connected During Lockdown

With ongoing lockdowns forcing many Australians to stay home due to the continued spread of COVID-19 in the community, people are finding new and innovative ways to stay connected to their friends and family. According to licensed sporting product retailer The Stubby Club, the latest craze sweeping Australia is virtual beer pong.
As The Stubby Club explains, all that is required for each team in addition to beer pong tables, ping pong balls and playing cups is a recording device, like a mobile or iPad. Each team finds a recording angle that includes their entire playing area, including the table and immediate area around it.
The goal is to provide a view for the other team that does not obstruct the flight of the ball and eliminates blind sports where someone could be dropping the ball into a cup from above, out of view from the camera. The ideal angle provides a view slightly above the rim of the cups. Then, it just comes down to choosing the preferred platform to stream the beer pong tournament on.
According to The Stubby Club, virtual beer pong is quickly gaining momentum as a popular stay-at-home activity that allows friends, family and even colleagues to stay in touch and socialise. Virtual beer pong has become so popular it is even being endorsed by rapper Post Malone. As lockdowns linger on, many workplaces are introducing happy hour activities to keep people engaged and connected.
Many people play to different rules, so The Stubby Club says it’s a good idea to determine rules before starting, although a bit of friendly banter is always welcome in beer pong.
Australian owned and operated, The Stubby Club provides a range of licensed products for all the major sporting codes including the AFL, NRL, NFL, A-League and Cricket Australia. For the ultimate beer pong setup, The Stubby Club stocks official beer pong tables. Made from the highest-quality waterproof material, spillages won’t cause any damage to the table. The beer pong tables are regulation-sized and fold up with a carry handle for easy storage.
Both fun and essential, virtual beer pong tournaments are a fun way for people to stay connected during these tough times. To explore The Stubby Club’s range of beer pong tables and other licensed sporting merchandise, visit the company’s website.
Source: The Stubby Club