How to Use Blinc’s Game-Changing Tubing Mascaras

Over two decades ago, Blinc, the conscious cosmetics brand that makes elegant products that last through everything, reimagined lashes by inventing Tubing Technology mascaras. With ultra-longwear capabilities and easy removal, its three specialized mascaras are perfect for long hours, a sweaty workout or even a 16-hour flight to Australia.
What is Tubing Technology?
In 1995, Blinc’s Original Tubing Mascara solved the flaking, smudging and running problems associated with traditional mascaras.
Tubing Mascara works by forming water-resistant, liquid lash extensions (i.e. tubes) around each lash that last through everything from humid climates and even sleep. Traditional mascaras come off easily but do not stay on. Waterproof mascaras stay on but are impossible to remove. Thanks to Blinc’s tubing innovation, its mascaras are “better than waterproof,” holding better and longer without the need of a makeup remover for hassle-free removal.
To achieve Blinc’s revolutionary results, the Tubing Mascaras have a unique application, wear and removal process.
How to Use Blinc Mascaras
Fulfilling its promise of ultra-longwear, Blinc Tubing Mascaras cannot be removed with pressure or water alone. This means lashes stay put through rubbing, sleep, sweat or tears.
The tiny mascara tubes that come off in your hand or cotton-round or shower are not your lashes, rather it’s the beauty of Blinc’s tubing technology.
Pro Tip:You can use Blinc mascaras to “tubify” other brands to combine their different look with Blinc mascaras’ greater performance benefits.
Blinc’s mascaras leave no residue, tint or build-up behind and their easy removal process protects the eye area from abrasive removers and rubbing. What’s more, Blinc mascaras are compatible with fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Since removal does not require makeup remover, its mascaras do not strip adhesives.
How Blinc’s Tubing Mascaras Compare
With the recent launch of its latest UltraVolume Tubing Mascara, Blinc now offers customers three ultra-longwear tubing mascaras: Original, Amplified and UltraVolume. While each leverages the company’s revered formulation and conscious cosmetic ethos, they help to achieve distinct looks:
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About Blinc
Based in Florida (USA), Blinc was founded in 1999 after it pioneered revolutionary tube-forming mascara and eyeliner technology that does not smudge, fade, flake or run. Today, Blinc continues to develop makeup that can confidently stay with you through tears of joy, a 16-hour flight, and even your marathon finish line photo. The conscious beauty brand is committed to a relentless pursuit of innovation by providing its customers with problem-free products. To learn more visit:
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