How to Use Apple Business Chat to Build Customer Relationships

Apple Business Chat has been kicking around since 2018, but not many businesses are aware of how to fully capitalize on this useful tool. While it may seem intimidating to implement a new communication pathway between your business and customers, automation can help make the most of Apple Business Chat’s highly accessible, 24/7 functionality.
A solid Apple Business Chat functionality, it will easier than ever for iOS users everywhere to start building a relationship with your brand.
What is Apple Business Chat?
Apple Business Chat takes customer interactions to direct messaging. When Apple Business Chat is fully integrated, iOS users can begin direct messaging your business from Apple Maps, Safari or Search, opening up a conversation that looks and feels just like person-to-person iMessaging.
The big difference? Unlike iMessaging, Apple Business Chat has several features that let you fluidly move your customer through to their next interaction with your business. Customers can schedule appointments or pay with Apple Pay directly in their messaging conversation.
What can Apple Business Chat do that my current customer experience doesn’t do?
What makes Apple Business Chat different than, say, a chatbot built in to your business website, or even a Facebook Messenger bot, is its ease of use for iOS users. Apple Business Chat doesn’t require the intent of seeking out your business.
Instead, right as potential customers first encounter your business, through a Google search on Safari or browsing nearby locations on Apple Maps, they’re able to start a conversation and learn more about your brand. The initial text-message is a much lower investment than a phone call for many young adults, and allows users to start, pause and rejoin the conversation whenever is convenient to them.
What’s more, Apple Business Chat’s in-messaging scheduling and purchasing makes the decision-making process shorter and easier for potential customers. As the advent of one-click purchases taught the world, even getting rid of one extra hurdle can encourage many new customers.
Build in seamless cross-channel messaging
Of course, the drawback to having multiple channels of communication is the potential for conversations to be lost in translation between channels. But automating your Apple Business Chat conversations can help make your chat both seamless and truly 24/7.
Conversational AI can supercharge Apple Business Chat by giving customers an easily accessible, conversational customer support experience whenever and wherever they want to start a conversation. The best of these tools can also remember each independent user and draw connections between their prior and current conversations.
AI can handle call deflection when needed and let customers make purchases and set appointments effortlessly. When live agents are brought in, they can be given robust context for prior conversations with the user, so they’re never starting their support issue from zero.
Keeping your cross-channel flow coherent and minimizing the extra effort on behalf of your users is key to getting the most out of Apple Business Chat.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.