How to Turn Your Luck on This Lucky Penny Day

Find a penny, pick it up… all day long, you’ll have good luck! 
Unfortunately, a penny isn’t worth much these days (it actually costs more than they’re worth to make them). However, Lucky Penny Day is about celebrating the superstition of finding pennies and having luck, and doing what we can to make sure something good comes from pennies and that luck may come our way. 
When you’re out and about today, see how many pennies you can find on the ground. It might be your lucky day. And, here are a few tips for making your pennies go farther.  
Tips for making every penny count
While some people believe finding a penny means more money is coming your way, you don’t have to go penny hunting to increase your chances to earn.  
Ways to celebrate Lucky Penny Day
The concept of lucky pennies stems from ancient civilizations, who believed copper and other metals were gifts from the gods and could provide protection from evil. This superstition was fueled by the fact that throughout history, some people believed two sides of a coin represent good and evil. So, if you find a penny when it’s heads up, it’s lucky, but tails-side up is not. 
Years ago, you could actually buy things for a penny, so finding one was considered lucky since you could actually make a purchase with it. Though that’s not the case today, there are a few fun things you can do to celebrate Lucky Penny Day.  
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