How to Track a Western Union Money Order

iQuanti: Western Union money orders offer a reliable and accessible way to send and receive money. And once you buy a money order, you can easily track it to make sure it gets delivered to your recipient. All you’ll need is the serial number, or an 11-digit tracking number on your Western Union money order record stub. Once you have that in hand, here’s how to track a money order from Western Union:
How to track a Western Union money order
You can easily track a Western Union money order and see whether it has been cashed by your recipient by following these steps:
Can you track a Western Union money order without the serial number?
If you lose your receipt and don’t have the serial number, don’t worry — you can still track your money order with other relevant pieces of information by filling out a Western Union Money Order Research Request online. Here’s some information you’ll need to include:
Keep in mind that Western Union will charge you $30 to research your money order, so only go this route if you know for sure that your receipt is lost. 
Stay on top of your money order
Western Union continues to offer people an excellent means of sending money reliably. Buying and filling out a money order only takes a few minutes, allowing you to send money almost anywhere around the world. And thanks to Western Union’s money order tracking option, it’s easy to know where your money order is and whether it has been cashed by your recipient.
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Source: iQuanti, Inc.