How to Set Up Your Try Pro Autoresponder The Free Pro Marketing System is a free system you may sign up for and use it to build a list. As a free member, you may only promote the affiliate program for this site, but it allows you to build a list of potential prospects that you may enroll in your business. This is what is known as a funded proposal. What a funded proposal does is it allows you to make money while you are learning, as well as building your business. By having something on the front end that is free that you can give away, you can build your business and market it the same time. As I write this, this program is in prelaunch. It does have an upgrade, and the upgrade is only $27 lifetime. This is definitely worth buying because you get an autoresponder that you may use to market your primary business, which in this case is GDI. What you can do with the system is really simple You add the code from this autoresponder to your lead capture page for the MLM Cash ebook or for any lead capture page you have created. Then, your next step is to add messages to the autoresponder that will be sent out automatically to the list of prospects you build. This allows you to build a relationship with your prospects, offer them other tools and resources for their businesses, and build multiple streams of income. With building multiple streams of income what I mean is that you will be creating different streams of income out of different programs. You will offer different programs to your list in

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