How to Sell a House As-Is With the Help of Trusted Home Buyers in Houston

Team Properties announces a new, improved home selling process with updated COVID-19 protocols, making selling a house in Houston easier than ever before. The traditional way of selling involves a realtor, open houses and dozens of strangers walking through someone’s home. With Team Properties, every Houston homeowner can eliminate unnecessary contact with people by selling their house with zero open house showings.
Team Properties is a home buying company in Houston known for three things: their fair offers, transparency, and willingness to serve others first. This company understands that no one will want to accept an offer that does not make sense for them – whether it be too low or may not give enough time to find a new place to live. 
Plus, each homeowner is selling directly to Team Properties, so Team Properties and its associates are the only people walking through the subject property — not dozens of people who may or may not be able to buy the house. 
That’s why Team Properties does everything it can to provide homeowners with the best possible offer. Team Properties values homeowners’ time and health, which is why all the necessary health regulations are being made by Team Properties to fight COVID-19. 
With years of experience in the industry, Team Properties does everything in-house, which keeps their costs as low as possible; those savings are transferred over to Houston homeowners so they can get a fair offer for their house. 
Team Properties was founded in 2018 because Alysen Schollmeyer, the CEO, believed there was a void in the Houston market for an experienced, honest, and reliable real estate investment team. Today, Team Properties is a trusted home buying company in Houston with almost 40 years of combined experience working with thousands of customers and homes. 
Selling a home to Team Properties is simple, starting with a short call to answer a few basic questions about the home. A representative will then visit the home in person or virtually and confirm the condition, making an offer almost immediately. Should the offer be accepted, homeowners can choose a closing date that’s most convenient for them. Also, it’s important to mention that Team Properties is taking all the COVID-19 health regulations to avoid infecting others. 
Homeowners can avoid paying thousands of dollars on realtor fees, repairs, renovations, and closing costs. Team Properties takes care of it all and does not have any fees for their services. 
Those in need of a trusted home buying company in Houston are invited to contact the experts at Team Properties by visiting its official website or calling (281) 829-8921.
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Chris Hopper
Source: Team Properties