How to Pick the Best Credit Card Based on Your Shopping Habits

Finding the best credit card for your shopping habits can help you maximize your rewards. Taking time to research different shopping card options can help you find a card with perks tailored to the items you buy most. Keep reading to find out more about selecting the best card for your shopping habits:
5 steps to help you pick the best shopping credit card
Follow these 5 steps to find the best shopping credit card:
1. Check your credit score
Check your credit score before you start looking for cards so you know which you’ll qualify for. You’re entitled to free copies from both Equifax and TransUnion when you order your credit report over the phone or by mail. You can also get your credit report online, although it costs a fee.
2. Check your budget
If you currently follow a budget, examine your monthly spending habits to see where you spend the most money. If you don’t follow a budget or track spending, you can take a look at your credit card spending report. Credit card spending categories often match typical budget categories.
3. Look for cards that match your spending habits
Selecting a card that matches your spending habits can help your rewards go further. If you frequently dine out, look for a card with bonus restaurant rewards. If you can’t pinpoint one category that you shop for the most, a flat-rate or cash back card might be best.
4. Check out other benefits
Some cards feature perks beyond how they structure their rewards. For example, you could earn statement credits or airport lounge access simply for doing your regular shopping.        
5. Be honest with yourself
Be honest with yourself about how you spend your money, and the amount of work you’re willing to put in to redeem rewards. If you shop a lot, you may want to consider a card that charges an annual fee in exchange for premium benefits. If you’re pressed for time, you should probably avoid cards that have rotating rewards categories.
Shopping credit card considerations
Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding on a shopping credit card:
Source: iQuanti, Inc.