How to Manage Stress While Moving House, According to Jake Removals and Storage

The past year has seen a mass exodus of capital city-dwelling Australians into regional areas. While some are seeking to get away from lockdown-prone areas, others are simply in need of a change of scenery or a lowered cost of living. Experts report that moving is often among the most mentally taxing life events. Jake Removals and Storage, experts in removals Melbourne-wide, shares its advice for managing moving stress.
The premier removalists Melbourne-wide explain that the number one thing movers need to remember throughout the moving process is that it’s okay to feel emotional. No matter the circumstances, it can be a bittersweet time saying goodbye to one home before moving on to the next.
The process can also trigger a lot of anxiety about what the future holds or whether the decision to move was right — this is also completely normal, say the removalists. Movers need to remember to be gentle with themselves as they navigate all of these emotions.
Movers need to be strategic and organised in the lead-up to their departure date. Jake Removals and Storage reminds movers that packing can take more time than they might expect, so don’t leave it until the last minute. As soon as the plans to move are set in stone, the decluttering should begin. Allocate a small amount of time to this each day in the lead-up to the move — then start packing at least a week before leaving.
Jake Removals and Storage recommends first packing the items that won’t be needed in the week before the move. Then, pack one box filled with essentials that may be required on moving day: phone chargers, any necessary documents or paperwork, keys — even toilet paper. This will eliminate the need to dig through boxes in search of important items.
As some of the most experienced movers Melbourne-wide, Jake Removals and Storage also suggests getting acquainted with the new area before moving there. The company advises dedicating a day or two to exploring the neighbourhood: the closest restaurants and bars, local playgrounds for kids, the most convenient supermarkets, popular dog parks, and other key points of interest. This will make the transition to the new area smoother and less daunting.
Moving can be an emotional time, but the stress doesn’t have to feel unmanageable. Melbourne residents can rely on the best cheap removalists Melbourne-wide, Jake Removals and Storage, to provide them with a seamless moving experience. Contact them today to find out how.
Source: Jake Removals & Storage