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“ In essence, a translation has three facets reading and initial analysis from the text as a whole, then comes the work sentence after sentence, sentence for sentence and paragraph by paragraph, to finally lead to the final revision and correction. Often, translators are more concentrated in the first two stages, either by commitments to other customers, daily fatigue, or the urgency to meet the deadline, they ignore the latter part of this task. However, this is a wrong practice because it puts at risk the quality of translation. It’s at this time that can be obvious spelling mistakes and, more to the point, the issues of interpretation are clearly seen. In other words, the review process has got the same importance because the mechanical work to translate the sentences from Spanish to French, or any other language. A translator must always manage your time to help you spend a great time at this time of your work in which you have to concentrate on aspects for example their understanding of the original text, meaning, punctuation, terminology, style and meaning all the writing. Of course, sometimes the client will decide if they would like to hire the services of the provider who’ll make a second review of the documents, but what better reputation compared to a translator, for the same budget, may be ordered this? Think about it, his reputation like a true professional could be on the line. Now, let’s talk about Real Translator Jobs

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