How to Get Approved for Your First Credit Card

iQuanti: Most people applying for their first credit card have little to no credit history. In fact, they may be looking to get a credit card in order to start building their credit score.
This presents a dilemma: how do you get approved for that first credit card?
Don’t worry — if it weren’t possible, no one would have credit cards. Below, we’ll show you how to maximize your approval chances.
Pre-Approval: Do This First
Before anything else, you should get pre-approved for a credit card.
Pre-approval simply means the credit card company runs a soft credit check (which doesn’t damage your score) and shows you specific terms you’re highly likely to qualify for.
If a credit card company pre-approves you, that means you have a strong chance of getting the thumbs-up when you formally apply.
Sometimes, you can receive unsolicited pre-approvals from banks and credit card companies in the mail. However, many credit card companies have tools that will check if you’re pre-approved instantly online if you give them some basic information. Various third-party websites can also help you find pre-approvals.
The Best Types of Credit Cards for First-Time Cardholders
Some types of credit cards are designed at least partly with the beginner in mind. Thus, they tend to be fairly lenient when it comes to approval standards.
Plus, they tend to offer cashback — helping you save money while you build credit and get used to using credit cards.
Here are some types of cards to consider:
Secured Cards
Secured credit cards require you to put down cash as a security deposit.
This acts as collateral against your credit card charges. The cash deposit protects the card company in case you’re unable to pay. If you can’t pay for some reason, they can simply take the cash from the deposit to cover the loss. 
For this reason, secured cards are often quite easy to get approved for.
Plus, secured cards let you build credit when you make steady, on-time payments — starting you on your journey towards more advanced cards in the future.
Student Cards
Student credit cards are mostly the same as regular credit cards, but with lower credit limits and often simpler terms and approval requirements to suit the needs of students.
These help students build their credit early in adulthood to prepare to apply for mortgages, car loans, and more advanced cards later.
Student cards are generally unsecured, meaning no cash deposit is required. 
Get Your First Credit Card and Reap the Rewards
Credit cards offer some great benefits when used wisely — and luckily, getting your first one is easier than you think.
Just make sure you go after the right kinds of cards and seek pre-approval first to maximize your approval chances.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.