How to Get a Teaching Job in Dubai

Dubai, the postcard city of the Gulf, is an attractive destination to work for foreign population. There are job opportunities in fields such as construction, banking, IT, tourism, oil & gas and teaching. Expatriates throng the emirate to land a job in one of the industries as per their skills as it is quite lucrative to work here. The expatriate population in Dubai is growing by the day and most of them live here with their families, including children. For this reason, there is a large number of international schools in Dubai. The schools are meant to meet the demand from the international students, thus, most of them have American or British syllabus. There is a huge demand for professionally qualified teachers in these schools.

The teachers who have experience in the British or American style of teaching get an edge over other teachers in getting a job in Dubai schools. Also, all foreign teachers are mostly recruited on a contract of two to three years. Therefore, the demand for teachers is always on the rise, considering the number of new schools opening in Dubai. More and more expatriate teachers look forward to teaching in Dubai as it helps them save intensively during their stay. However, before taking up a teaching job in Dubai, it is important to know more about the work environment, the salary structure and the incentives that come with a job in Dubai. Also, it is good to get a fair idea of the kind of qualifications that you require to get a teaching job in Dubai.

The schools in Dubai offer ample opportunities for expatriate teachers. The demand is high for two reasons. Firstly, there are new schools opening in Dubai each year. Secondly, the existing schools offer services during the summer break too, which requires qualified teachers. It is not a must to have British or American qualifications to get a teaching job in Dubai. This helps but it does not mean that teachers from other nations cannot apply for teaching jobs in Dubai. You need to have flawless skill sin spoken and written English and should be a certified qualified teacher with the required work experience.

You would need to get the qualifications attested by a public notary in your country. Thereafter, you would be required to get the notary attested by your embassy. The second step is sometimes tricky. You must get in touch with the embassy of your country to find out the details and formalities related with the same. Chances are that the embassy would help you with all such processes and you would get assistance in the process of applying to Dubai schools for teaching jobs.

Once this is done, you can start applying to various Dubai schools for the position that suits your qualifications well. You should regularly check for vacancies on the various school websites. Vacancies are also posted on job sites and newspapers. You must apply with a properly written cover letter and resume. The resume should highlight your relevant experience and qualifications in the field of teaching. The school should get an impression that you are the right fit for the job. Do mention your willingness to relocate. Also, mention about any awards or recognition that you might have received in the field of education so far. This will give you an edge in the eyes of the employer.

If your resume gets shortlisted, you will be called for an interview by the school. The travel and stay expenses would most likely be borne by the school only. Do find out more about the school before attending the interview. You can check the forums to find out what teachers and parents are writing about that school. That will give you some idea. It is good to make a call or send an email after sending your resume to find out the status. It will help you immensely if you network in Dubai with the people in the same profession. Once you land the job, you will be entitled to a lot of incentives besides the salary in your job. You would not have to pay any taxes, your accommodation will be paid for and if you are a female teacher, you will get a lot of other benefits too.

Mostly, school staff hiring is done during the summer break. So, you should ideally send your resume by January to start the process. This does not mean that you cannot apply throughout the year. But summer is generally the best season for teaching jobs in Dubai. Living in Dubai should be fun. The city is fast developing and offers luxurious stay to all those who come under its fold. So, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while earning and saving a lot of money in Dubai.

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