How to Get a New Credit Card for the Holidays and Avoid Interest in 2022

iQuanti: The holidays are here, and so is holiday credit card debt. Buying gifts for the holidays can get expensive, and credit cards can play a big part in making those purchases happen. 
To some shoppers, this time of year can mean lots of purchases and extensive credit card payments, but there are ways to get smart about your holiday credit card usage. Applying for a new card can prove an effective method for delaying interest on your balance. If you manage this card well and follow some basic tips, you can easily avoid interest payments for the holiday season moving forward.
Set a holiday budget 
At the beginning of the holiday season, form a financial plan that will include credit card payments and balances. Dedicate a set amount to your new credit card and try hard not to exceed that limit.  
Even if you don’t stick to your budget perfectly, a plan to minimize credit card balances will go a long way in preventing you from maxing out new cards or letting your balance run out of control. 
Find a new card with 0% introductory APR 
Another way to avoid interest payments on holiday credit card payments is to apply for a credit card online with an 0% introductory APR period. Having no interest on your balance, even for six months, gives you an excellent opportunity to pay off debts while they’re at their lowest.  
Remember, though, that it’s important to check your new card’s APR after its introductory period. You don’t want to see unexpected interest rates raise your balance by surprise! 
Try to always pay your balance in full 
While some holiday customers might not be able to pay off the balance on a new card before the holidays’ end, it’s a fantastic way to avoid any unnecessary interest payments the following year. Shoppers who can’t pay this balance right away could take advantage of a new card’s 0% APR rate, and then pay their balance in full as soon as possible. 
As a bonus, if you’ve picked a card with a quarterly rewards program, you may also receive cashback or benefits that will give some added padding to your holiday budget.  
Don’t take out too many retail store credit cards 
With their exclusive discounts, retail credit cards can be beneficial for shoppers who frequent a certain store. For instance, a branded gas station credit card can help you earn rewards if you often get gas with that brand or chain. Just make sure you don’t apply for too many retail store credit cards, as multiple credit inquiries can be damaging to your credit score. Additionally, having lots of different retail store cards may make it more difficult to keep track of your balances and spending. 
Shop smart this holiday season 
Don’t let retail credit cards and holiday budgets run away from you. Make sure you find the right credit card to manage your expenses, and pay your balances on time. Following these tips, you can walk away from the holiday with your savings intact, and you won’t be strapped for cash going into the new year. With this plan in mind, the holidays can be a little easier for everyone! 
Source: iQuanti, Inc.